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our role

Previously, as IDG, the Foundry team entrusted us to implement their rebranding strategy on their global website. This involved creating a new theme and database from scratch, as well as parsing out the pertinent data and components necessary to ensure continuity. Concurrently, we developed new features to accommodate their expanding requirements in the digital sphere. Such as their on-page Intentbot app, connecting customers directly to Foundry’s wealth of data.We maintain an ongoing partnership with the Foundry team, actively managing and updating their website. Through our collaborative efforts, we consistently deliver added value to both the Foundry team and their clientele.


We worked with the incredibly talented and tech-savvy team of marketers at IDG to overhaul the website userflow, develop a product library and marketing tools library, and migrate content from one website property into the main site. This involved conducting an extensive usability and analytics audit, working closely with stakeholders to iron out KPI’s and performance benchmarks, and navigating the migration of thousands of pages of content with an eye on retaining SEO value while streamlining userflow.